Waterline (EP - 2018)

Waterline (EP - 2018)


From Austin360 review, by Peter Blackstock:

"...a seven-song EP titled 'Waterline,' comes out Friday, Sept. 28, supplementing original tunes with fellow Austin singer-songwriter Raina Rose’s 'Bluebonnets' and a cover of Blondie’s 'Call Me.' Recording with renowned producer/keyboardist Michael Ramos for the new label Lucky Hound, they worked with a major-league backing crew: guitarist David Grissom, bassist Glenn Fukunaga, drummer J.J. Johnson and pedal steel player Ricky Ray Jackson.

The result isn’t as folk-oriented as you might suspect from those Kerrville connections. 'Waterline' probably fits under the broad Americana umbrella, but this feels like pop music at its core, with electric instrumentation prominent in the arrangements."

Lucky Hound Music.

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